A Roadmap for Developing New Holiday Resorts on Remote Tropical Islands


  • Gert Noordzy
  • Richard Whitfield
  • Li-Chun Lin Montclair State University


new hotel development, project management, modular construction, project roadmap, value management


Abstract This paper outlines a general process that can be followed when developing new holiday resort hotels on remote tropical islands by considering two case studies within the context of the New Hotel Development Project Lifecycle. The two case studies analyzed are the development of the Huma Island Resort and Spa in the Philippines and the Meridian Adventure Dive Resort in Indonesia. These are both high-end resorts built in remote locations using modular construction methods. This new construction method is clearly the best approach for developing such resorts. The paper summarizes the process followed to develop both resorts to identify other good practices and the main problems likely to be encountered and how they can best be overcome. This analysis provides a detailed roadmap that future hotel developers can follow to effectively and efficiently create similar properties.

Author Biography

Li-Chun Lin, Montclair State University

Dr. Li-Chun Lin is a Professor in the Department of Hospitality and Tourism, Feliciano School of Business, Montclair State University (MSU), New Jersey USA.


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